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Pirate De-mining Robot

The PIRATE robot is capable of
neutralizing the following types of

  • Craft Mines
  • Hand grenades
  • Ammunition for grenade launchers and multiple rocket launchers of caliber up to 120 mm.
  • Mines POM, PFS, PFM, PTM.
  • 150m, 120mm, 82mm and 60mm mortars
  • Artillery shells up to 150 mm caliber
  • Single side cluster munitions up to 200mm
  • Stretches – with scissors installed
  • Overview of premises and territory using the camera on the manipulator
  • An additional sapper wire grip makes it easier to deliver and place explosive

1. Overall dimensions 600x900x600

2. Speed up to 10 km/h

3. Turn on the move, turn on the spot, turn with one side locked

4. Manipulator 150 cm unfolded, grip open 200 mm, 5 degrees of freedom

5. Load capacity up to 12kg

6. Total weight 50kg (with 21kg battery)

7. Flexible battery support – you can use Acid Automotive, Gel, Lithium or other type of 12V batteries

8. Battery life with a small car battery 5 hours (Heavy duty – 2 hours)

9. 3 cameras

10. Autocapture option

11. Autopilot option

12. Additional grip for sapper wire

13. Full robot logs available to operator

14. Dual wheels option

15. Optional mine finder

16. Frontal armor

17. Long range control – up to 40km

18. Use Smartphone/Tablet or Laptop to display image.

19. Control via simple joystick joystick or remote control

20. Platform with a payload capacity of up to 100 kg

About the Pirate

Modular, adaptable and expandable, the Pirate robot can work as a bomb disposal robot and can be used for object detection and mapping. Quickly configured depending on the needs of the mission, easy to transport, not demanding on batteries. The Pirate robot is assembled from available components, which provides ease of operation and repair at an order of magnitude lower cost.

A 10-year software warranty is provided, as well as a free warranty repair in the event of a manufacturing defect (12 months). Also, in case of non-warranty breakdowns and damages during the work, a 24/7 hotline is available, where our specialists will advise you or come to the place and make repairs as soon as possible (we provide a replacement robot as an additional option Second-Bot). All mechanical parts are made from Ukrainian spare parts, due to which the delivery time of components is reduced to 1-2 weeks.

Distribution Plan

We plan to distribute 100 Pirate robots free of charge to:

  1. Ukraine DSNS Sapper department
  2. Certified demining foundations (HALO Trust, International Demining Group, The Mines Advisory Group, etc.)
  3. Ukrainian volunteer sappers

Our robot Pirate will save many lives not only of sappers themselves, but also of ordinary people. It is the real hope of people in the liberated territories. With it, sappers will be able to speed up the de-mining process, make the process safer and help ordinary people to return to their homes sooner.

We need your financial help to implement this project. With your donations, we will be able to build a small factory in Ukraine and produce 100 robots for immediate delivery into the hands of sappers. We need to start acting today in order to achieve the first results tomorrow!